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A power of attorney is an increasingly important part of the estate planning process for people of all ages. At the law firm of Banks & Starkman, we help clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area create appropriate powers of attorney to meet their individual needs.

Etobicoke power of attorney lawyer Leonard A. Banks has many years of experience assisting clients with their estate plans and is dedicated to providing personal service and attention.

Understanding the Benefits of Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that authorizes someone else to act on your behalf. A continuing power of attorney remains active even if you become incapacitated, making it particularly useful as an elder planning tool. Powers of attorney come in two basic types:

  • Power of attorney for property: A power of attorney for property gives your representative the legal authority to administer and oversee your financial affairs. It is useful not only in the event of incapacity, but also if you travel a great deal and wish to give your spouse or someone else the ability to handle your affairs in your absence.
  • Powers of attorney for personal care: A power of attorney for personal care allows your representative to make medical and personal decisions on your behalf. It can be drafted to include a medical directive — also known as a living will — that expresses your wishes with regard to life-sustaining medical treatment.

The unfortunate rise in occurrences of elder abuse has made it particularly important for aging individuals to seek legal advice and representation before creating powers of attorney.

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