What Our Clients Say

Case Studies

Anyone selling one home and buying another could face the same nightmare we did. Just two days before the buyers were supposed to close on my house, their lawyer called mine on a technicality, apparently to avoid closing the deal. Click to read more.


At Banks & Starkman we are proud to have served the Etobicoke community for more than 25 years. Our dedicated staff work hard on your behalf and it pays off for you. Here is a sampling of what our clients have said about the lawyers and staff at Banks & Starkman.

"Thank you so much for everything that you and Mr. Banks have done for me. You guys are both so amazing and i’m so thankful for all of the help you provided me with." - L.J.

"Thank you for your diligent efforts on Adrian’s behalf and for the speedy settlement in Court." - S.A.

"My company is doing great. Thanks for making it possible." - CSD

"...You have used every bit of information possible to my best interest... You have never failed to treat me with courtesy, sympathy and professionalism...." - L.K.

"....couldn’t have done it without you." - L.J.

"You have changed my misconception about lawyers. You took the time to sit and listen to my needs and take action quickly." - CSD

"Your efforts are exceptional. Your talents are more than a few. I am always grateful for the outstanding work you do."

"Thanks to your staff for their hard work." - H.G.

"...I want to sincerely thank you for your diligent efforts and genuine honesty. I guess my typical stereotyping of "lawyers" was not fair and you have definitely proven me wrong.....I am extremely confident with your professionalism and code of ethics.....You have relieved an enormous amount of stress and anxiety in my life." - J.S.

"Thank you for assisting me through such a traumatic experience with the closing of my two houses. I still cannot believe the nightmare me and my children had to go through. Your expertise and support was very reassuring and very much appreciated. You were wonderful and thank you so very much."- R.M.B.