Case Study L. V.

Anyone selling one home and buying another could face the same nightmare we did. Just two days before the buyers were supposed to close on my house, their lawyer called mine on a technicality, apparently to avoid closing the deal. My new house was already gutted and in no condition for re-sale; the bank expected repayment of the bridge loan within 48 hours; the deposit was not large and the market had gone soft. We were fear-stricken over potential financial ruin. My lawyer for this real estate transaction, Leonard Banks of the firm Banks & Starkman, had worried for me and wisely anticipated the scenario. He had appropriately structured an ironclad agreement with clauses that made it nearly impossible and far too expensive for the buyer to get out of the deal. Using his foresight and legal knowledge, he deftly out-maneuvered and out-negotiated the other side from the earliest. By the time they tried to slip out of the deal, it was too late for them and their lawyer. I was hugely relieved and impressed. We learned that a 'Sold' sign can be meaningless without the reassurance of having the best lawyer on your side.

Etobicoke Guardian's readers had good reason to vote Banks & Starkman 'Best Law Firm in Etobicoke.'